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Sash Windows

Sliding Sash

Sliding SashBeautifully constructed from Accoya® wood, our sliding sash windows are available in the traditional weighted box sash or spring balance mechanism options. Aesthetically there isn’t a great difference between them and they are both easy to operate. Box sash are often mandatory in listed buildings for the replacement of original window installations, but if this style is not required, the spring balance style is a lower cost option.

Mock Sliding Sash
Mock Sliding Sash 3
This is an Accoya® wood casement window designed to look like a traditional sliding sash window. Red Kite’s Mock Sliding Sash windows look so authentic that they are indistinguishable from the real thing. A great choice for those wanting a classic look with the thermal performance of a casement.


Yorkshire Sash
Yorkshire Sash
A horizontal sliding sash window which replicates this historic style, whilst achieving a modern standard of thermal performance.


Casement Windows

Casement – Storm Proof
Casement - Storm Proof
With the casement overlapping the frame, this style of casement window is the most common, and is recommended for properties which are particularly exposed to the elements. However, storm proof designs are relatively modern and the flush style is coming back into fashion with those who wish for a more classic look.

Storm Proof casement products are available in Accoya® wood, aluminium or uPVC.

Casement – Flush
Casement - Flush
In this style of window the casement is flush with the frame, and is more in keeping with traditional pre-1930 windows. Our modern high performance flush casement windows are very popular, just as cosy as storm proof, and often replace storm proof styles to give the property a more original ‘kerb appeal’.

Flush casement products are available in Accoya® wood, composite, aluminium or uPVC.